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The 16-Hour Drive That Changed My Life

By the time I reached my senior year in high school I was a complete mess inside and out. Outwardly, I was in a major struggle against obesity, reaching my highest weight of 336 pounds. Everything hurt and was uncomfortable, all the time. Inwardly, where do I even begin. I was in such a broken,… Continue reading The 16-Hour Drive That Changed My Life

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DO IT… Even if that means doing it AFRAID.

It wasn't always so easy for me to stand in front of a large room full of people with their eyes on me. I remember a very pivotal moment that was a major turning point in my being absolutely terrified, to being not so scared. It's been more than a decade since then. It was… Continue reading DO IT… Even if that means doing it AFRAID.

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Washington D.C. Getaway

A perk of having a hubby who travels to attend conferences around the country is that sometimes I get to sneak away with him. This time it was to our favorite big city! We've visited Washington D.C. several times and loved it every time. Our kiddos have grandparents just three hours away from the city,… Continue reading Washington D.C. Getaway

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Quick + Easy Breakfast/Coffee While Traveling

An easy way to keep the calories low at the start of the day to make up for extra treats throughout the day.