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How being a person who “feels deeply” makes me a better writer…

There's this whole process to it, but I wouldn't say it's that complex. I've always been a thinker. Some have categorized me as an "OVER-thinker"... And I tend to agree. I quietly contemplate when something means a lot to me. When a specific something pops into my head and feels like an a-ha moment, a… Continue reading How being a person who “feels deeply” makes me a better writer…

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Washington D.C. Getaway

A perk of having a hubby who travels to attend conferences around the country is that sometimes I get to sneak away with him. This time it was to our favorite big city! We've visited Washington D.C. several times and loved it every time. Our kiddos have grandparents just three hours away from the city,… Continue reading Washington D.C. Getaway

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Quick + Easy Breakfast/Coffee While Traveling

An easy way to keep the calories low at the start of the day to make up for extra treats throughout the day.

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How to Work your Willpower

I start the engine. I gain as much momentum as possible, as fast as I can. Surely this time I want it so badly that my willpower will be strong enough to dodge any obstacles that would try to keep me from staying on track with my weight loss plan. THIS time, I really want… Continue reading How to Work your Willpower

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Truths About Losing So Much Weight

"You must feel like a million bucks, now that you've lost all this weight, right?" Well. Not exactly. Sure, I feel a lot better in a lot of ways. But in other ways, I still have struggles that I never foresaw when I first began my weight loss journey. For starters, one of the biggest… Continue reading Truths About Losing So Much Weight

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Weight Loss Journey: The Night I Reached My Breaking Point

As clearly as the highest quality of crystal, I remember that night. The night before my weight loss journey began. I was nineteen years young, 336 pounds, and a complete mess on the inside. I had been bullied relentlessly, beginning in Kindergarten and continuing all the way through high school. Everything hurt. It was hard… Continue reading Weight Loss Journey: The Night I Reached My Breaking Point


“I love you” …for the millionth time.

Big, beaming, sparkling eyes looking straight up at mine, piercing my heart without even knowing she’s doing it, her hand in mine, her heart jolly, her smile radiant… and out of nowhere that feeling of immense, overwhelming, breathtaking, eyes-welling-up-with-tears, soul-deep love floods over me. I love her so much. And as I do countless times… Continue reading “I love you” …for the millionth time.