Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I don’t consider it an accident that you landed here. I now consider you a friend.


I love to write. A lot. When I sit down with my computer and a cup of coffee all the words sort of overtake my brain, causing my fingers to dance around the keyboard at lightning speed. Before I know it, there’s a whole lotta’ something great that I am just itching for the world to read. But you won’t find a bunch of jibber jabber here! Well, maybe a little.

When I write, I have one intention, and that is to connect with you, make you realize you’re not alone, and help you shift your perspective. Even if ever so slightly. Whenever your sweet little fingers pause from the mundane scrolling and swiping on your smart phone, and you tap on that link that carries you to this blog, you can expect to be encouraged, motivated, and inspired.

There’s nothing particularly out of the ordinary about me. Let’s just get that straight right away.  I’m just your average full-time career woman turned stay-at-home-mama, who’s pushing daily to fully utilize every facet of my life with intentionality. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I intentionally stay in my pajamas extra long. Other days I drink one (or two) too many cups of coffee, intentionally of course. And then there are the days that feel like a giant FAIL. Those days are not so intentional. Although maybe on those days I have the best of intentions but they just get derailed somehow!

Either way you slice it there is a whole lot inside this mind and heart of mine, and I’m always eager to share it with you right here.

So what are the things that make my heart sing, you ask? I’m so glad you asked that question! Number one is Jesus, who has literally transformed my life from the inside out. My faith. That comes before anything else. Next up: my family. My husband Phil (who I love more than words could ever describe) is the most genuine, thoughtful, considerate, kind, intelligent, and strong individual I know. And my two kiddos. I love them so much sometimes it makes me cry. I did not grow up in a typical family, and I truly become filled with gratefulness at the simplest of thoughts about  my sweet little family. One of the biggest desires of my heart is to pour into my family, and to be a blessing in their lives.


FITNESS! This is one of the biggest things you’ll read about here. I consider myself a girl who hangs out somewhere in the middle of skinny, fit, and fat. I’ve lost 160 pounds (read my story HERE), and I am SOOOOOOOO far from perfect! Don’t look to me for a perfect body or perfect nutrition. But what I can offer you is a whole lot of tidbits, encouragement, motivation, and lessons I’ve learned on my journey from 336 pounds, to what I am today.


Then, there’s everything else. Let’s see. I used to be a career woman, working in curriculum administration in the most amazing child development center ever, right on the campus of The University of Kansas. Having my own children made me realize I basically knew nothing and had so much to learn. I have done photography for years, and still love to do that when I can. I’m pretty focused on health and fitness these days, and I’ve been on a weight loss journey for years! You’ll surely be hearing all about that in a number of my posts. I’m super involved in worship ministry at our church, and at times my hubby and I travel to lead worship at other ministries. He plays the piano, so that works out well! I even do some speaking on occasion, which I really enjoy as well.

You’ll learn more about me in the things that are woven into my blog posts.

I am so glad you’re here. Reading this. Now, don’t be a stranger!

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