Take The Pressure Off… You’re Famous Enough

Marked by the assumption that the number of likes or follows determines our self worth, we’re in a constant tizzy to be good enough, look pretty enough, sing perfect enough, and flash perfection across our social media pages.

Instead of soaking up our days, living in the moment, breathing in the scent of our family, and finding time to love everything in between, the opportunity to really live is being stolen away by a longing for the approval of others.

We’re scrambling to reach the mark of “success” that is flaunted around on a banner of imaginary flashing letters that form the words “to be successful you have to be famous!” in hopes of finding validation for who we are.

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But it’s just not true.

That’s not where our self-worth should actually be coming from. And I get it. Especially those of us who like to reach out, encourage, minister, lead worship, and things of that nature. We want to reach the masses, and the way that seems most doable is to market ourselves and attract a following.

But what if we did what we did for a different reason? What if our motive was something far more substantive than people thinking we were popular or famous? What if at the end of the day we didn’t have to check our numbers before we went to sleep? What if the first thing we did in the morning wasn’t to quickly grab our phones and see who “liked” us enough to interact with us on social media?

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What if we saw those things for what they are, and determined not to find our value in them…

Let me tell you. Even if you were the most well-known, famous person in the whole world, you still would not be fulfilled if your self-worth were planted in people.


Because people are people. People will love you one minute and hate you the next. They’ll flatter you to your face, and talk badly about you behind your back. Some will be true, die-hard friends, and they’ll encourage you to reach after the incredible dreams in your heart. Some will help you become a better spouse. A better parent. A better friend. Some people will love what you do. Some will not.

We are all human. We’re imperfect!

There are 8 billion people in the world. Some people are bound to dislike you!

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So instead of finding so much worth in the number of people who follow us, let’s switch our motive a bit. Let’s do what we do because we love, like really love people. Not because we want them to think we’re amazing. Not because we want them to follow us. Not because we want to be their hero.

Let’s shift our thinking a bit and allow our intent to be blessing people. To make someone’s day by giving them a smile. To help someone out by buying their groceries for them. To say a kind word to someone.

And if it does happen to be in the cards for you to one day be famous, or reach the masses, then stay humble. God will exalt you in the right timing. Let’s practice loving people now because people don’t care what you know, until they know that you actually care.

Take the pressure off. You do not have to be famous to be successful and incredibly valuable.

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1 thought on “Take The Pressure Off… You’re Famous Enough

  1. Love the message. Keep spreading positivity, more people need to realize what things really matter!


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