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Washington D.C. Getaway

A perk of having a hubby who travels to attend conferences around the country is that sometimes I get to sneak away with him. This time it was to our favorite big city! We’ve visited Washington D.C. several times and loved it every time. Our kiddos have grandparents just three hours away from the city, so they got to soak up some special time together while mommy and daddy got some good old QT.

We spent some time snuggled up together in bed just before parting ways.

We were amazed when we saw our gorgeous hotel! The Hamilton.

We got all settled in and then headed right back out to grab some dinner. That’s when I realized I had forgotten to pack my coat. I’d have to wear Phil’s coat. Only he had forgotten to bring his so he was borrowing his dad’s. So, I wore Phil’s dad’s coat. It kept me warm!

We ate at this place called Lincoln. Our meal was absolutely AMAZING!! I wish I could remember what all these dishes were called but I just can’t. Just think chorizo gnocci, burnt broccoli soup, shrimp and grits, and deviled eggs… we were literally surprised at how delicious each of these were.

After dinner we quickly jumped into our car and drove to church. Yep. Church. We visited Victory Christian Church in Suitland, MD. It was a breath of fresh air.

The next morning, my handsome hubby had to spend some time at a conference, which left me with a few hours to cozy up in our room and get some great writing time in.

I was absolutely thrilled. I whipped up some protein coffee, threw on my most comfortable sweats, and got right to work.

When Phil got back, we headed right out. On his way home he had grabbed me a coat (since I had forgotten mine), a sweater, a head-warmer, and a huge scarf. Because it was super cold for us current-Floridians.

We headed out into the cold to find a place to eat. Guess where we chose to go. That’s right, Lincoln. Again.

After that we walked around the city some, and headed to The African American History Museum.

It. was. breathtaking. I don’t have the words to describe the emotions that flooded our souls walking through the sobering halls that reminded us of our country’s rich and diverse heritage.

Later we made our way to a restaurant called Founding Farmers which was very impressive. This would be the first of two times we ate at that restaurant. I guess you could say we’re creatures of habit.

We couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel and FaceTime our babies!! Our oldest barely had a few words to say to us as she was so very excited about all the movies she’s been watching at Grammy and Pappy’s house. Our youngest spoke to us excitedly for a few moments before realizing the distance between us. He started to cry. It was heartbreaking. But he was fine and we knew he was having a blast. And maybe we were a little comforted to know that he did at least miss us a little. 😉

The next morning we were back to the grind. Hubby at his conference, me typing away as the words filled up mind and just had to be poured out through my fingers dancing across the keyboard. I ate this tasty breakfast I had picked up at a local CVS the night before.

And then. My kryptonite. At least this little mid-morning pick-me-up was organic!

After our morning of dividing and conquering, we headed out to grab some lunch. We chose a little burger place for a burger salad.

Phil’s face in this photo accurately depicts our thoughts on the meal.

Then it was off to the Newseum. A museum filled to the brim with much of our country’s history through the lens of journalism.

It all started with experiencing this sweet little typewriter. Phil and I both being writers, we were of course intrigued.

There was a lot to take on at this museum. We made our way all the way through, spending the most time looking at the pictures of President Kennedy’s adorable family, the tribute to 9/11, and historic photos that have won Pulitzer awards.

My absolute favorite was the photo gallery of the photos that have won Pulitzer awards. The story behind each picture just blew my mind. Being a photographer myself, I really connected to this final wing of the museum.

After that we roamed the city for a bit. We love this city so much.

After a while our legs we tired from all that walking, so we ventured to our favorite little donut shop.

Thankfully I only ate half a donut because we stumbled upon Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar shortly after that.

Next we took our final long walk around the city. The sun was falling and the air was chilling. We found some of our favorite stores. We didn’t buy anything. But we had such a good time being together. We never get tired of that.

Wouldn’t ya know we found ourselves right back at Founding Farmer’s again for dinner, ordering the same things we ordered the night before.

This time, Phil went and told the waitress to put an order in for this amazing kettle corn. I love kettle corn! I was ecstatic when I saw this pleasant surprise. She brought it out, HOT, all gewy and crunchy and delicious in this huge pan. Oh yum.

And just like that, the day was done.

The next morning we visited yet another favorite of ours. A tiny little hole in the wall with an all-too-familiar name. Lincoln. Yes, again. But this time, it was Lincoln’s Waffle House. A breakfast diner that we would never skip visiting whenever we’re in D.C.

It was a wonderful trip!! But the only thing on my mind at the end of it all was getting to those babies of mine!!!!

Until next time… We love you D.C.!!

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