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Quick + Easy Breakfast/Coffee While Traveling

Boy do I love being out of town with my amazing hubby! But as with any time I travel, this amazing little getaway also includes a whole lot of foods (and calories) that my body is not used to consuming on the regular.

I’m pretty good about finding balance, generally speaking, and I do treat myself on occasion. So I’ll be having plenty of “treats” over the next few days. This quick trick helps to make up for some of that.

While traveling, I try to keep myself at least fairly on track by packing this easy little way to start my day. My amazing fitness instructor from our gym, Carol, taught me this little trick.

What I love about it is that it tastes like coffee with cream, but it’s healthier, without any dairy. It’s a punch of protein, which should be at the center of any meal. Even better is that it’s vegan!

On the way to Washington D.C. we picked up this little vegan protein drink from a GNC store. One container like this yields a few servings.

I also try to carry some healthy sweetener (stevia) when I travel. This is a major staple for me. This time I am using one called Pyure, which you can find at Walmart or on Amazon. It tastes great and is much much healthier than sugar. I have it in a jar for this trip; it normally comes in a bag.

Mix these three items together to taste, and you’ve got protein coffee! You can also add a little bowl of meusli or oats if you need a little more fuel!

Starting my day like this allows me to stay low on calories since I’ll consume extra later in the day when we’re out exploring.

The only drawback that I have with this particular protein drink is that it has a small amount of sucralose (an artificial sweetener) in it. I typically stay away from those. But for this occasion, I make an exception.

This works for me, and was a great start to my day this morning! I had two cups and was ready to jump right in to a few hours of writing in the hotel room while my hubby attended a conference!


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